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Mark Victor Hansen Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul

Dan Gillogly has been working in the entertainment industry since he left high school and his mother still wants to know when he is going to get a job.

As a first rate piano entertainer, he will create a memorable evening of piano music and comedy that will enthrall your guests at your charity event, your private party or your surgical procedure.

Taking the best skills he developed over 30 years of performing, Dan has become one of the premier corporate entertainers bringing you a unique brand of live music and comedy, interactive sing along and exquisite piano music entertainment. His list of corporate events are far too many to list here, include AT&T, Kellogg Foods, Sears and McDonalds and Hormel Foods.

Throughout the years, Dan has written and performed music on A&E, Comedy Central, WGN, and NPR. 

As Music Director at the Mecca of Improvisational comedy, The Second City, he wrote songs and scripts with many of today’s current superstars in the entertainment industry.

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Steve Carell and Dan

 Dan Will Write Custom Comedy Music For Your Trade Show, Corporate Event, Product Roll Out, Birthday, Anniversary or Funeral. 

In addition to being a part of 11 award winning revues, he has worked with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jim Belushi, Chris Farley, Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson), Bonnie Hunt (Beethoven, Jumanji, The Green Mile), Mike Meyers (Austin Powers, Wayne’s World) Tim Meadows (TV & Film), Joel Murray (Mad Men, Dharma & Greg), Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs, Wall-E, Curb Your Enthusiasm) to name only a few. Was that enough name dropping for now?

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Who Is Dan?

So Who Is This Dan Guy Anyways? Piano Music ... Guaranteed To Make You Look Good ... B'cuz He Sounds Good

With a repertoire of over 1000 songs, Dan Gillogly will give you piano music entertainment that everyone will enjoy!

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  Make requests

  • Sing Along

  • Dance Along

  • Laugh Along

  • All Night Long

Pop Standards played with a distinctive Chicago flavor honed over 30 years of piano music performances at your event

Dan Gillogly sings, does comedy and gets everyone standing up and singing along, dancing along, having fun alongside all your guests, friends and clients. Dan is an energetic and inviting piano music performer.

He is also a prolific composer and producer of original music that has been heard nationwide on network television and radio commercials; as well as worldwide on stage in Vienna and Prague.

Dan Gillogly had a 10 year run at The Second City Theater. As Music Director of the world famous improvisational cabaret, he has scored 8 award winning revues. He wrote original music for the series “My Talk Show” on the FOX-TV Network. He has also composed and produced original music for broadcast which aired on Comedy Central, A&E, WGN-TV, ABC and hundreds of regional radio stations. Additionally, throughout the years he has performed at Howl At The Moon, House of Blues, Buddy Guy’s Legends, The Redhead and the Chicago Symphony Center. He performs a breathtaking Dueling Pianos Revue all over the USA with All American Dueling Pianos for corporate events, fund raisers, conventions, trade shows and any form of outpatient surgery.

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Sum It Up For Me w/ Live Piano Music

Piano Music ... Guaranteed To Make You Look Good ... B'cuz We Sound Good


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With this kind of track record, you know you’re going to get a live piano music entertainer who can rock the room…

… with an authentic Chicago Blues Piano & Boogie sound as well as fresh, spontaneous comedy combined with a repertoire everyone knows and loves. If you prefer, Dan can read a room like a billboard. He can be wallpaper and stay underneath the conversation so you can network with your guests and clients. Or he can MC your event, lead the entire group out of their chairs, out on the dance floor. By the end of the night he will have around the piano, arm in arm building joyous, wonderful camaraderie and good feelings that only good, quality, professional piano music can bring . . .

Sing Along to your favorite Pop Hits, make requests and try and stump him.

Whatever your needs are, arrange to book Dan Gillogly at your next event that needs superior piano music. As magnificent as he is on the piano and behind the mic, he cannot be in two places at the same time.

… So call now before all the choice dates are gone!   +1 773-527-7417

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Piano Music Video

Great piano music video from Dan Gloglee — Pianist Extraordinaire!



Available for your comedy club, performance art center or maybe just a regular ole weekend of live music entertainment. Comedy music has ’em laughing even when you don’t know him. Dan Gloglee from Chicago USA will fill your house for your fund raiser entertainment, great party ideas begin with first rate live music and comedy.

Dan has two comedy shows that he can provide. Well, actually, more than that …. b’cuz you can structure each evening the way you want it.

He has a two act comedy show with an intermission (so you can sell drinks) that he wrote about his experiences as a  piano bar entertainer. He calls it ‘A Piano Player in Purgatory’ It includes original material, multimedia bits and tons of audience participation and improvisation.

The 2nd show is a mixture of original bits and improv and also contains music from Tom Lehrer, Victor Borge, Ray Stevens, Bo Burnham, Dr Demento and others. Together they form an evening of comedy music that will melt away your troubles for at least 90 minutes … and .. maybe longer.

Dan Gillogly – Comedy Music and Piano Entertainer Extraordinaire

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Background Instrumental music kicks in on this video
at around 1:25 minutes 

This video here is a Blues and Jazz influenced tune I came up with that I just love to play. I know you’ll love it too. 

Piano Entertainer Videos

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